Church History

            In the year of 1879 a band of Christian pilgrims set themselves apart to the task of the Master’s work. They held their first religious services in a small community school house and invited different preachers to preach for them at this location.

            Being zealous in their work and wanting to grow, they constituted a Missionary Baptist Church in the schoolhouse near Dale Mills, two miles north of Screven. Several years later a Church building was erected near the cemetery also just north of Screven. The name of the church was Old Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. The Reverend E. J. Barber was the first pastor of Old Mount Pleasant Baptist. He led the church through its infancy into a strong and growing congregation.

            Banded together in love, deeper in faith, and waxing in strength, Old Mount Pleasant Church continued a slow but steady growth. And, like many sister Baptist churches at the time, Old Mount Pleasant would call a pastor each year.

            On June 7th, 1900, Mr. C. C. Grace deeded to the trustees of the church property a portion of land located in the town of Screven one block north of Highway 38 facing school street. The members gladly received the property and decided to move the church to this new location. They built a new church and changed its name to Screven Missionary Baptist Church. Screven Missionary Baptist served the people and the community for many years.

            From 1900 to the present the name has since changed to First Baptist Church of Screven, and the church continues to serve and minister to the community of Screven.

First Baptist Church of Screven

 First Baptist Church Screven Mission Statement


We are a church that exists to bring glory to Christ by making disciples of all nations.


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Baptist Faith and Message 2000 edition.